Laurent Dupont
(born in in Liège in 1976, lives and work in Brussels) studied painting at the fine arts academy of Liège 1997- 2001, and attended a master of installation/performance in Erg (école de recherche graphique) in Brussels 2007-2009.

Dupont is currently active as a teacher in painting studio of Sint Lucas Antwerp.He is preparing a solo exhibition at MARQUISE in Lisbon, his recent selected solo and duo exhibitions are:

Selected Solo and Duo Exhibitions: Veranda (with Michael Van Den Abeele), Gaudel de Stampa, Paris (2019); Cukrovarnická 39, Prag (with Lucy Mc Kenzie), Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna (2016); Objekte aus Wien, Login, Galerie Nächst St. Stephan, Vienna (2014); American Objects, ACP, Los Angeles (2012); To Reside, Project Room, Wiels, Brussels (2010).

Selected Group Exhibitions: Dicke Luft, Galerie Bernhard, Zurich (2019); Fried Patterns, BGW Vanderborght Building, Brussels (2019); Le Petit Cercle Bruxellois, Institut de Carton, Brussels (2019); Celluloid Brushes, Etablissement d’en Face, Brussels (2018); Neither, Mendes Wood DM, Brussels (2017); Words aren’t the thing, CAC, Vilnius (2015); Residue, Wiels, Brussels (2013); Time Space Poker Face, Be-Part, Waregem (2013); Amicale Succursale Prolongation, by Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Galerie Nächst St. Stephan, Vienna (2012); No Dancing, Favorite Goods Gallery, Los Angeles (2012).  

Lisa Jo
*1983, lives and works in Los Angeles and Berlin.

Selected Solo and Duo Exhibitions: Marriage Story, Plymouth Rock, Zurich (2019); The Red, 45b, Paris (2018); Cafe Nihilism, Green Tea Gallery Worldwide, Presented by United Brothers Inc, New York City (2012); Commuter Duplex, The Suburban, Oak Park IL (2012); Divine Terra, Green Gallery East, Milwaukee, WI (2012).

Selected Group Exhibitions and Performances: relax, its all online, Lars Friedrich, Berlin (2020); Dicke Luft, Galerie Bernhard, Zurich (2019); Green Tea Gallery Presents, Freedman Fitzpatrick Gallery, Paris (2019); New Intimacies, XYZ, Tokyo, (2016); Exquisite Corpse, The Mistake Room, Los Angeles (2016); G.I.F.T., DER TANK, Basel (2015); Who Do You Love, Mathew Gallery, Berlin (2014); Homes and Gardens, Freedman Fitzpatrick Gallery, Los Angeles (2013); Freak Out, Greene Naftali Gallery, NYC (2013); Emergency Cheesecake, Performances curated by Jay Sanders Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC (2012); Synesthesia; M+B Gallery, Los Angeles (2012); Blackbelt Mindmapping, Arakawa / Gambaroff / Jo, Pro Choice, Vienna (2012); Group Show, Balice Hertling Gallery, Paris (2012); Potlucks of Destruction Cafe, Swiss Institute, NYC (2012); Swap Meet, curated by Amy Yao and Wendy Yao, Joshua Tree USA (2011); Looking Back / The 6th White Columns Annual - Selected by Ken Okiishi and Nick Mauss, White Columns, NYC (2011); the derelict presentation of ANOTHER MASTERPIECE!! introducing YYSL, Whore Moans, Eau de Toilet, Dancing at the Dump, YYSL Cougar, Birthday Suit for Baby Boo!, Mother-in-Law, etc..., Performance at JF Storefront, NYC (2011); Is a rusted petticoat enough to bring it down to earth?, Jack Hanley Gallery, NYC (2010); Us and them, Mike Rollins Fine Art, NYC (2010); In the Hallway, 179 Canal Street, NYC (2010); Ghost of Birthdays Past (Happy Birthday Baby Boo!), Performance during Greater New York 2010, P.S.1/ MOMA, NYC (2010); Come to My Opening! Performance of Ghosts of Birthdays Past (special appearance by Baby Boo!), Jack Hanley Gallery, NYC (2010); Swap Meet, Performance and installation with Debo Eilers, California Biennial; High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree USA (2008); Wu-Tang and Googleplex, Passerby Gallery, Gavin Brown Enterprises, NYC (2008)